Prophetic Utterance 2022

 ”They feast on the abundance of your house;

    you give them drink from your river of delights.”

     Psalm 36:8 (NIV)

Wait On The Lord And Be Of Good Courage. Our Times Are In The Hand Of The Lord. Therefore, We Must Confidently Trust In His Good Counsel In Which He Designs And Directs, In The Midst Of Human Affairs.

Focus Your Faith And Faithfulness Directly On And Unto The Lord Of Heaven And Earth. Do Not Wander In Your Minds After The Confusion Of This World. My Covenant Of Peace Is With You And Shall Remain In You.

This Is The Hour For My Church, The Called Out Ones, To Make The Pursuit Of My Presence And The Fellowship Of Prayer, Of Greater Priority. It Is From The Glory Of My Presence And The Hearts Of Trusting Prayers That I Will Comfort And Lead My Sheep Into Fertile And Fruitful Pastures. They Will Not Wander As Lost Sheep, But Sheep That Are Well Nourished And Lacking Nothing, Because Of Their Willingness To Follow The Chief Shepherd, Christ The Lord.

What Has Been Has Taught My People What Waiting Upon Me And Seeking Me Looks Like In Turbulent Times. The Continual Looking Unto Me, Day By Day, Is The Witness Of What Children In My Kingdom Are Called And Created To Do While Living Out Their Earthly Tenure.

My Spirit Is Moving In Such A Way In The Present Season Of Human Existence To Bring A “Recalibration Effect Upon The Church.” The Things That Was And Even The Things To Come, Will Not Set The Standard Or Determine The Limitations Of My Covenant People. In This Period Of “Recalibration”, There Will Be A Spiritual Summation Of All That Has Been And A Resetting For All That Is To Be. The Good That I Have Revealed In My Word, Will Be The Pre-Determined Outcome For My Covenant People, The Church Of The Redeemer, Christ, The Lord. 

This “Recalibration Is For Heavenly Promotions.” I Will Prove Faithful To My People As In Time Past. The World Will Not Be Their Source Or Their Strength Of Supply. I Will Be Their Heavenly Father That Causes Them To Abound In Spiritual And Natural Rewards. These Rewards Will Be Done Openly And A Witness To The World Of My Glory And Grace Upon Those Who Submit Their Lives And Livelihood Unto My Care. 

My Goodness And Grace Toward My Covenant Children Will Draw People Out Of The Kingdom Of Darkness Into The Kingdom Of My Son, Jesus Christ, And They Will Serve And Eat From The Bread Of Life.

Says, The Spirit Of The Living And True God!